The Pôle Culture & Santé is an independent cooperative that acts as a link between culture and health professionals to encourage the creation of cooperative projects.

The Culture & Health Cluster in New Aquitaine was set up in 2010 under an agreement signed by the State and the Region. In 2011, this private structure supporting public policy took the form of a Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif (SCIC) bringing together around a hundred partners: public authorities, health establishments, health professionals, cultural establishments, art and culture professionals, partners, beneficiaries and employees.



Culture and health, a powerful alliance to make everyone feel better.

For the past 20 years, the Ministries of Culture and Health have been pursuing a cross-disciplinary policy which legitimises partnerships between culture and health, and which today deserves to evolve. Health professionals have long been alerting us to the deterioration in their daily professional lives. Artists working with the health sector have long been alerting us to the mismatch between the resources available and the needs required for these creative approaches.


Today, more than ever before, a meeting between an artist, a patient and a carer should be neither exceptional nor unheard of. We must go beyond the functional roles of each: no longer look at the patient as a pathologist, the carer as a technician, the artist as an entertainer, but as people with culture, as cultural resources for themselves and for others. In this way, we are putting back at the centre of our relationship with the sensory experience that underpins our humanity.



The Pôle Culture & Santé makes it a point of honour to establish equitable relationships and to recognise the vulnerabilities of each individual. This mutual attention is the foundation of our expertise. The ability to understand very different worlds and to get them to cooperate and co-construct with agility and adaptability is a testament to collective innovation.


This hand-in-hand work between culture and health is a genuine source of mutual enrichment: the Network has set itself the goal of exchanging and sharing ideas in inter-professional and interpersonal relations, in the collective interest. Defending the essential role of cooperation between culture and health makes perfect sense in a system where caring for people must become the new focus of our shared wealth. This is the collective responsibility of the Culture & Health Cluster.


The Pôle is a support tool for public policy on culture and health, with the aim of encouraging and supporting cultural and artistic initiatives in healthcare settings.
Its mission is to encourage and support healthcare and cultural professionals to set up cooperative projects in their establishments. On a daily basis, the Centre’s team informs, advises, guides and trains these professionals.

The Pôle positions itself as a platform for resources and information, but also as a training organisation and a laboratory for ideas and experimentation. In this respect, we are also conducting research projects on the theme of culture and health.



The Pôle Culture & Santé is an organisation founded on the values of the social economy. Organised in the form of a SCIC (Société Coopérative d’intérêt collectif), it works to recognise and promote cooperative projects in the field of culture and health, as part of a general interest dynamic.

The Culture & Health cluster is located within the Fabrique Pola, an artistic and cultural association based in the Bastide district of Bordeaux. Bringing together 23 organisations involved in contemporary visual art and culture, its mission is to facilitate the dissemination, transmission, creation and production of art.


  • Clara Bourgeois, director
  • Capucine De Decker, network and support manager
  • Pascale Lanier, administrative and financial manager